Wow wow wow!

What a night last night!

Daniel Cormier is your new UFC

Heavyweight & Light-Heavyweight Champion. Cormier defeated Stipe Miocic via TKO stoppage in Round 1. Miocic fell into DC’s trap and while “trying to grapple” with Miocic, DC caught Miocic with an elbow, knocked down Miocic and D.C. ground-n-pounded him for the win.

Post the UFC 226 main event, DC called out Brock Lesnar and Lesnar came into the octagon. Brock called Lewis, Ngannou and DC pieces of s#*+. It looked something out of Monday Night Raw. You can clearly see Lesnar what for security to hold them back. DC knows that fighting Lesnar is money.

D.C. wants to fight Lesnar and if possible try to fight Jon Bones Jones before he retires by the age of 40 which is in March I believe.

Now why would Dana White co-sign all of this. Werdum, Dos Santos, Ngannou, Overeem have all had their chances to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Cain Velasquez is an amazing fighter but can’t stay healthy.

Brock Lesnar is a fresh new opponent, a well-known name in Amateur Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling and former UFC Heavyweight Champion. With Bones Jones questionable, Conor out for now, Rousey is retired, GSP who knows if he will ever come back. D.C. Vs Lesnar is a box-office draw. You will have the hardcore MMA fans order the ppv, you will have Pro-Wrestling fans order the ppv and you will have the casual wrestling fan or mma fan order the ppv.

D.C. is undefeated in Heavyweight fights. Can Lesnar change that? Time will tell, time will tell.

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