Extreme Rules PPV is coming up in a few weeks on Sunday 7/15. This PPV is going to begin to set up the feuds for SummerSlam on Sunday August 19th.

On Raw, their Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is in limbo. Brock has until Saturday 6/30 to re-enter the USADA Testing Pool and continue to serve his suspension for a banned substance used during his UFC 200 bout vs Mark Hunt.

Brock still has 6 months to go to serve that suspension. #UFC226 is a few days away on Saturday 7/7. Lesnar is scheduled to be there. Can Lesnar and Dana White have already planned a superfight between winner of Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier? Did Lesnar enter the USADA Testing Pool again? Lesnar’s new deal expires by SummerSlam. Will he even defend the role ?

In the meantime on the blue brand, AJ (pun intended) has been simply Phenomenal. Since winning the WWE Championship in Europe in November, he has been the man and has been able to survive Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Greatest Royal Rumble, Backlash & Money in the Bank.

Smackdown LIVE has been amazing (to me) since the Superstar Shakeup. You have Styles, Nakamura, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Miz all on one show. Now Rusev is the #1 contender. Rusev vs AJ Styles at Extreme Rules.

Low Risk High Reward in the sense that if the match goes well and win, lose or draw, Rusev can be a main-eventer. Rusev Day has been over like rover. Rusev has been on good terms, not so good terms. However, you can’t deny along with Aiden English Rusev has been over with the Rusev Day gimmick.

I don’t expect Rusev to win the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules (You never know though). I do expect AJ Styles to help make Rusev a main-eventer. I am happy that he Rusev has moved away from the Anti-American gimmick used over and over. You are starting to see Rusev’s personality which is why he is getting over and getting over organically.

Time will tell if Rusev will win WWE Championship on Rusev Day.


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