The big story today was Vince McMahon’s

announcement of relaunching the XFL.

McMahon started and ended the XFL after

only one season in 2001.

Things you need to know:

8 teams

40 man roster

4 teams in postseason (semi finals and finals)

10 game season

I was listening to WFAN this afternoon and

they discussed how the XFL

should play in the venues similar to where

the chargers play now (StubHub Center).

Venue hold about 25,000. It is slightly

larger for football. The Red Bull Arena

where the New York Red Bulls play sits a

similar amount.

I think if Vince learned from his mistakes

the first time in 2001, makes the game

simpler, and interactive with fantasy

football, sports bet, mix it up between cable

TV and streaming device you can have a

nice niche.

Also on the FAN and I agree I think it great.

It creates new jobs for coaches and players.

It can be a great platform for players who

didn’t get drafted into the NFL Also, it is a

great place for coaches to perfect their craft

and build their resumes. Coaches can

leverage the experience and perhaps be

hired by the NFL.

Let’s see how it plays out.


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