What to look forward to this year at Summerslam?
It is crazy how 10 years ago who would have thought that WWE would return to Brooklyn for the 2 time this year. Barclays Center has hosted numerous events including concerts, boxing, basketball, hockey and of course Wrestling. Let takes a look at what we have so far:
WWE Universal Championship 

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins
Don’t love the name of Universal Championship.

Love the concept of another World title on Raw.

It did not work the first time and it will not work this time

(Champion on both shows). Now other individuals will get an opportunity to main event for the world title. Case and point Dolph Ziggler. Regardless of Roman Reignd suspension or not, Finn Balor will take advantage of this opportunity. Former leader of Bullet Club & former NXT Champion will try to make history by capturing the first ever universal championship.
Seth Rollins is all around one of their most consistent performers and I expect nothing less than great from him. He had a great match with John Cens last year at Summerslam and he became both the U.S. & World Champion. Let’s see what happens on 8/21.

WWE Championship 

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

I am surprised that Ambrose is still champion. However, looking ahead to brand split I can see why. Ambrose kept the title that actually has some sort of lineage. Hogan Austin Michaels Rock etc have all held that title (to an extent since titles were merged in 2013). A lot of haters that Ziggler is squaring off versus Ambrose at Summerslam. I am not one of them. I look forward to Ziggler stepping up once again. Ziggler had one of the best cash ins for the Money in the Bank the night after WrestleMania 29. Dolph Ziggler just be Dolph Ziggler. Looking forward to seeing Ambrose can bring tot the table too the biggest event of the Summer. Time will tell, time will tell.
Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar is a once in a lifetime athlete. NCAA Wrestling Champion, UFC Champion, WWE Champion, he has done it all. What he did at UFC 200 was remarkable. Who else do you see as a pro wrestler defeating a world renowned MMA Fighter? Not many people. Unfortunately it has been tainted because the USADA tested positive twice for estrogen blockers. It helps with steroid cycle. If guilty the USADA can fine and or suspend Brock. It is still being investigated. Unfortunately because of that, it is not really mentioned in the Orton feud. Yes Orton mentioned the no enhancements needed comment but had Brock not tested positive you can rest assure that Heyman would have exploited that in this storyline. Orton performance wise one of the best workers in the ring. His problem has been health & his character. It has been stale over the past few years. He seems fired up since his return and I love it. I hope he can continue momentum even past this feud. Looking forward to build and match at Summerslam.
AJ Styles vs John Cena

Usually individuals who come from the independents don’t thrive right away. AJ Styles has proved everyone wrong. WWE did not know how to use him initially. However, I think him carrying Reigns twice in high profile matches really put him over the top. After a World title feud next best feud is vs John Cena. This in my opinion will be the blowoff match because Cena is expected to take time off to film American Grit season 2. However, I expect these two to have an excellent match at Summerslam. Wrestle kingdom 10, WrestleMania 32, AJ has had a great 2016 and we are not even done yet. Looking forward to this match.
WWE Intercontinental Championship 

Miz vs Apollo Crews

I was upset when Ryder Lost 24 hours after his win at WrestleMania 32. However, I hate to admit but Miz has been better with Maryse since she returned. For crews in the ring , amazing. On the mic not so much but he is improving. Crews is too good to not be at Summerslam. I loved how he was used in the 6 pack challenge for smack downs first brand split episode. I expect Crews to be champion when it is all said and done.
WWE Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

From a wrestling perspective I’m upset that Sasha Banks won title on raw as supposed to Summerslam. However I get it from a business standpoint. Create buzz/splash on first brand split episode of Raw. These two have great chemistry in the ring. I expect nothing less but a great contest and I do not expect Charlotte to regain title. She will win it again, it just won’t be on 8/21 at Summerslam. Just my opinion. Congrats on Sasha on getting married recently (damn off the market gentleman). Still one of the vocal points of the women’s division. Looking forward to this rematch.
Roman Reigns demoted will most likely square off versus Rusev for US title. He is being punished for suspension still and it is time to rebuild him, turn him heel please. It will doing him a great favor for his career & character.
New Day vs Anderson & Gallows. I expect these two teams to fight for the tag team championship at Summerslam. New Day best record for longest reign ever. Their characters need adversity need the chase. I expect Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to win the tag team championship at Summerslam. 
That would mean 8 matches for Summerslam. It is 4 hours again.

I expect either 2-3 more matches signed or all of these matches I mentioned will get a long time.
Stay tuned …..

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