Sourced from Raymond Sanchez from Heel Turn Podcast.

Great show last night at the Elks Lodge in Queens, NY. Brii Combination

Wrestling has some great talent and the best is yet to come. Everyone in that locker room

should be proud of themselves. Here are the results.

Thank you once again Raymond Sanchez from Heel Turn Podcast:

Another great show has ended like the saying goes all good things must come to an end and this night ended but with a bang its time for the recap.
Our opening contest featured the newly formed Brii Cartel which consisted of Josef Von Schmidt and Mario Bokara who were accompanied by El chapo himself General Romero. The Cartel took on Flawless Lawless it was great tag team action the battle of the big men between Lawless and Josef but to no avail your winners Brii Cartel. Now Brii Cartel getting the victory would now help the General being he does not have to face Flawless ever.
Now for the next match the first of two special attraction singles matches Raze took on The future of BCW Sebastian Cage. Raze set out to prove he is not a stepping stone for the future. This was a hard fought battle where speed meet pure power and size made a big difference. In the end Sebastian would say the ending was not lit because your winner is the King of Monsters Raze. Now though Raze said he was no stepping stone it showed that Sebastian earned his respect and a handshake ended that.
USA USA USA that is what the next man who entered the ring lives for and that was Dick Justice however his opponent may not agree with that El Chapo is back to fight. They had what was a patriotic brawl USA Viva España USA Viva España. But sadly El Chapo would fall to his own demise when his assailant would attempt to attack Dick would bit El chapo and that would lead to a roll up for the 123. Dick Justice wins however it was to good to be true when the Brii Cartel hit the ring and all 4 attacked Dick and would leave him knocked out with the Flag laying over his head.
Years of controversy years this rivalry has been going on and Homicide had no more patience this match would happen right now. So that brought out the King Of NY EC Negro the match would be hard hitting they did not stop Julius Smokes would get his nose involved and would whip Negro as well with his belt. However the ref would not do his job according to Homicide and Julius so he has to go and that would lead to the whipping of the ref. How ever Homicide did not stop the beating to then lock in a Boston crab to have a familiar face enter the ring Video coming soon because this is something that needed to be seen the DRS is back the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels reunited when Homicide would not let go KC Blade would enter and hit him with a DDT and would come to the aid of Negro and would even strike Julius the two would then run like cowards when the field was even when a surprising face enter to save Homicide this is why I say anything can happen at BCW because this right here was not something that was planned when Danny DeManto entered to save Homcide and tell the crowd how much he truly respected Homicide Nd saying that Homicide is the real King Of NY and that he wants to team with Homicide to take on the Scoundrels on a BCW show. To which Homicide was not even allowed to answer because the crowd answered for him with a profound YES YES YES.
From one war we go to the next with Sonya Strong taking on Willow Nightingale women’s wrestling has evolved and this match showed it. They left it all out there however the brawl went on for so long even to a chair spot where Willow was almost KO it lead to a time limit draw. However they were invested into this match they did not want to stop fighting all the refs were needed in this one. This may not be the last time we see Willow and Sonya go one on one in a BCW ring. Hopefully next time there is a decisive winner.
From that match we would go to intermission the fans were already hyped up from all the action and we were not even half way done. Now when you come to BCW expect the whole night to be awesome even the Intermission was great thanks to the DJ the music was keeping everyone in a great vibe.
From that vibe we would begin our next match the second special attraction singles match now the reason I say special attraction BCW management made these two singles matches out of what was going to be a three way dance and these two matches did not disappoint.
The next match would be Azriel taking on the Greek God Papadon this match would be 5 star caliber. The two did everything to each other with a chant of wheres my Gyro to Papadon it would not take him out of concentration and he was still victorious after a devastating pile driver.
Dream matches they only get to happen once in a while but at BCW they happen every show and tonight was no different a tag team dream match Team Pazuzu went two on two with the super savages. Now caveman is known to be a savage but he met his match tonight with Jaka (Jonny Mangue) they went head to head literally with head butts. Double teams high spots some blind tags some cheating one may say everything was done and the crowd loved it. Nothing bad can be said about this match other than it had to end and if your a Tram Pazuzu fan you would be angry when the SuperSavages got the win. However it was not that simple Team Pazuzu would not end it there they would attack the Super Savages and would look to end Mante when SWO certified sexy would come to save the day ironic a hero needed saving. Well Pinkie and Jaka would say Savages may have there backup but it doesnt match theres so a match was made & man tag Certified Sexy SuperSavages or The Super Certified Sexy Savages will take on Team Pazuzu Pinkie Sanchez Jaka and EYFBO. This is an 8 man tag dream match that will be happening at BCW .
The next math would be the open challenge thrown out by Sonny Kiss who wanted a real man to answer Eric Jayden would answer the challenge and it was a sex off. Eric Jayden would not stop to try to pick up the victory however Sonny Kiss proved why Concrete Rose is great. Sonny would walk out victorious.
Main Event time Flight Night volume 2 Darius Carter vs DickyMoon vs Mike Donovan vs Grim Reefer vs Habib vs Maxwell Jacob Feinstein. The match would not leave anything to be questioned it was a jaw dropper. A lot of flying it was intense and it proved to be worth the wait. The first fall would be won by Darius Carte he would be awarded the rest period. Throughout this rest period Habib would be injured and Darius would underhandedly attack Habib and prevent him from getting the second fall. That fall would be won by Grim Reefer who would then be attacked by Darius Carter for. The 1 2 … Kick out yes Grim would kick out. The one in match would now be between Grim Reefer and Darius Carter they would not stop however the veteran GrimReefer knows what it takes to win the big one and the richest prize in pro wrestling would fall to a cradle and 123 your winner and second man to qualify Grim Reefer. Grim and Pinkie Sanchez are two out of 6 to qualify for the finals.
Now tonights show was in memory to those who were lost in the recent tragedy in Orlando also to Danny Yams. BCW did not disappoint tonight and they are just getting started July 29th BCW returns to the elks lodge and who makes his return to BcW none other than Moose Ojinnaka who makes his final indy appearance in NYC at BCW When Sparks Fly.
BCW Presents: Summer On Smash has ended this has been the recap. I am Raymond Sanchez the voice of the internet wrestling community signing off for all of us at BCW see you on the 29th.


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