We were all shocked at the announcement earlier this week about Smackdown going live on July 19th. On top of that, Smackdown will also have distinct rosters. The brand split is coming back after initially being successful for the first few years back in 2002. Individuals such as Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Rey Misterio shined as champions on Smackdown in the 2000s.

However, towards the end every star was on raw and the World Heavyweight Championship became almost like the Intercontinental Championship. It became secondary. It opened WrestleMania 27 & 28. In the beginning, they were equal. The World Heavyweight Championship closed WrestleMania 20 & 21. What happened ? Do you add new titles? What happens to the women? Tag Team division?

I have 6 questions for Choked Out Radio Nation to ponder:

1) One world champion or two. 

Roman Reigns is currently the World Heavyweight Champion. With the brand spli happening, do you have two world champions. If Reigns gets drafted, what does the other brand fight for. Does it force creative to have relevant storyline besides just the championship story lines? If Reigns is feuding with one guy on raw, what do the people on Smackdown fight for? Intercontinental or United States Championship? In my opinion, the other show that doesn’t draft Roman needs to have their own champion. Now with Smackdown going live , the days of spoilers are over. Unpredictability, live TV element, fresh story lines and people like Owens or Ambrose won’t get overshadowed by Reigns or Cena. My opinion, 2nd world title.

2) Women’s Championship

With the reincarnation of the Women’s Championship, do you have separate women champions ?

No. With Raw remaining 3 hours versus Smackdown 2 hours, now WWE can use 3rd hour for other grudge matches & storyline for the women. Right now, there is only room for one storyline at a time. Women should exclusively be on raw. Focus around Dana Brooke, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks etc. My opinion, all exclusive to Raw.

3) Mid Card Titles

This is an easy one. Have the U.S. & Intercontinental Championships on separate shows. Right now, raw is too crowded. Having the U.S. title on raw & Intercontinental title on Smackdown allows for meaningful feuds for the titles and can be stepping stones with those wrestlers for the main event. It will also showcase more talent drafted from main roster/NXT. My opinion, keep mid card titles separate.

4) Tag Team Titles

There aren’t enough tag teams to have separate tag titles. Tag champs should be allowed on both shows or exclusive to one brand. If women can be featured for raw, have tag wrestling be featured for Smackdown. You can have tag matches on raw but not for any title.  You can also have tag champs allowed on both shows. This is the same argument you can have for world title. However, my opinion is not to separate tag teams. It should be a niche of one brand.

5) PPVs

Are we going to have both brands split PPVs or will each brand have separate PPVs except the big 4?

It is a question I do not have an answer for. However, I think for now both shows they can have 4-5 matches each brand per month. I don’t think WWE is in a position to have a raw or smack down exclusive brand. Therefore in my opinion share ppvs for now.

6) How much NXT do you call up?

Like for a AAA baseball club, no franchise calls everyone up at once. Therefore WWE should call up Finn Balor, Samoa Joe but deplete their whole roster. In addition, WWE should sign the ACH, Ricochet, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks of the world to not deplete their NXT roster.

I watched the Chair Shot Reality segment today and I agree for the most part.

However, here is my sample mock draft of a few  wrestlers and where should go they go :


Roman Reigns (C)

Seth Rollins

AJ Styles

Finn Balor

Samoa Joe

Rusev (US Champ)

John Cena

Sami Zayn


Kevin Owens

Miz (IC Champ)

Dean Ambrose

Of course there are more draft picks but this is how I would build both shows around.

This is how I would distribute talent. Smackdown is new live sexy but you still need Raw to still have a buzz.
Hope you enjoyed article.


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