Notes from WrestleMania 32.

Special shoutout to Anthony Soto from YEP! I Like Wrestling Group on Facebook. Justin Labar, Josh Isenberg & Blake Mitchamore from Chairshot Reality. Kenneth Kdawg (person next to me at Mania), Frank Mossman and his crew for hospitality day of Mania, great chatting with Frank Manzo from Wrestle Reaction. 
Great trip and hopefully see you all in Brooklyn for SummerSlam later this year.
Crowd still coming in, people trickling in due to security. Team Total Divas def Blondes & Team BAD. Great moment carrying Brie Bella. She is set to retire tonight.
Kalisto vs Ryback was ok. Fans were happy that Kalisto retained the US Title.
Dudley Boyz can still go. Crowd is starting to fill up. Usos great team as well. Surprised me despite no emotional attachment cause no belts or anything was on the line. Perfect place on card.
Ladder Match to open up was tough because idiots in front of me didn’t want to sit down. However, I still caught some of major spots. Sin Cara thought he broke in half. Great dark horse, Zack Ryder #AndNew Intercontinental Champion. Crowd was hot for match and for finish !
Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles started slow. Reminded me of a Jericho match from the 2000s as one of my great friends put it. Reversals, false endings etc. Great Jericho got his moment. Series is 2-2. I don’t think it was over. Crowd was tired in beginning because of ladder match but it picked up by the end. 
League of Nations vs New Day was ok.

People love them some New Day. Match was ok. It did its purpose. Calm crowd down until after the match. League of Nations gets the win. Crowd erupted once Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley & Steve Austin came out. HUGE Pop for Steve Austin !!! Great entertaining post match segment. Seeing Shawn, Mick & Austin dance was too funny.
Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose. Crowd was hot for Dean Ambrose. He was recipient of 13 German Suplexes and an F5 on to chairs. For some reason it just felt anti climatic. It was hardcore. We saw fire extinguishers, kendo sticks, but I expected more from this match. Crowd cheered but it just seemed anticlimactic (at least to me).
WWE Women’s Championship 

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks stole the show. I am happy with direction of Women’s Wrestling in the WWE. Divas term is dead. Crowd was hot for all 3 women. Having Snoop sing Sasha Banks entrance was awesome as well. Crowd you can tell wanted Sasha to win match so bad. Charlotte won, crowd upset. Think Charlotte will be Women’s Champion a bit longer. She got pyro post match. Great moment in WrestleMania and in Women’s Wrestling!
Hell in a Cell

Undertaker vs Shane McMahon.

Now that I’m a father, I appreciated Shane coming out with his kids. His kids had never seen him wrestle. Great sight to see. Match started slow but wow what high spots. Coast to Coast, jumping off the cell, amazing. Made match so memorable. Crowd was HHHOOOTTT for those two spots. Also Taker slamming Shane through part of cell to open it up was cool to see as well. After all of the speculation and lack of quality build, match itself was really entertaining. Crowd happy Undertaker 23-1.
Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Andre the Giant is one of the most respected human beings in our business, ever. Love the placement of this match. Should be like this all of the time. It is a big deal. For the right person, it is a great rub. Baron Corbin I am satisfied with as winner. I also loved surprise entrants such as Shaquille O’neal, DDP & Tatanka. Crowd was tired, drained but it was perfect spot for what was about to happen.
Lilian Garcia comes out and Introduces the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They did a number and out comes The Rock. Crowd absolutely exploded !!. He set his name on fire. That was awesome. He announced he all time WrestleMania record of 101, 673. After that, the Wyatt Family come out. Placed had their cell phone lights on. Wyatt talking crazy talk. It pissed off The Rock.

Rock took off his shirt and tearaway pants and was in ring gear. I marked out (I have to admit it). He calls for referee and Rock was willing to take on any member of Wyatt Family. Erick Rowan was the man chosen for the job. 
The Rock vs Erick Rowan

Six seconds. Rowan takes a Rockbottom and loses in 6 seconds. Just when you think Rock is in trouble post mania, Out comes John Cena. Place went nuts !!! Rock and Cena clean house. Celebrate at the end. Crowd was HYPED. Amazing segment/match. 
WWE World Heavyweight Championship 

Triple H vs Roman Reigns. Crow love Stephanie McMahon in her Beyoncé attire.

She introduced her husband Triple H. Out comes Roman Reigns. Crowd let him have it. It almost felt as Triple H was face and Roman was the heel. On a side note some people left after Rock segment. People were not happy with inevitable. Typical Triple H match. Likes to tell a story, very slow in the beginning. It picked up at the end. Especially once Reigns speared Stephanie. Great tease with sledgehammer. Roman wins the championship for the 3rd time. Crowd let him have it afterwards. Some were happy but others were furious he won championship.
Overall, it was a quick and great experience.

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I hope you enjoyed WrestleMania and my notes .
Stay Classy,
Jim Wrestle


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