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In an update from my article yesterday, word is that the WWE has chosen an opponent for the Undertaker this year at WrestleMania on 4/3 in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. However, that individual is currently not on the current roster right now.

The speculation now begins on who will it be?

Sting comes to mind. However, with his spinal injury it would have to be a retirement match. It has not been ruled out yet. Kurt Angle comes to mind. However, not sure if they’d revisit pairing them up again. Goldberg comes to mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if they play off the WCW vs WWE angle similar to Sting vs a Triple H from one year ago.

It will not be Cena, Kane, Strouman, Big Show or Brock Lesnar.

Who will it be?

Leave me a comment.

Let’s see how this plays out

WWE has to do whatever it takes to fill AT&T Stadium on 4/3 with over 100,000 seats. We will most likely get Triple H vs Roman Reigns for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, Undertaker’s match this year is the co-main event or anchor to this event. 

Please comment below..

Jim Wrestle


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