Sunny has nothing to do with this article lol. Taken back in 1998.

We are all hyped about the Royal Rumble tonight. We are on the road to WrestleMania. After shoveling for 3 hours and CPU being still down, what do I do? Write about the rumble tonight.

Here are some of the surprise entrants in my opinion for tonight’s Royal Rumble :

Daniel Bryan-The Yes man. Had his moment at WrestleMania 30 and won the WWE World Heavyweight Title. One year later won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 31. Due to concussions and neck issues has not been able to return. After being cleared by yet another doctor earlier this week, can the yes man return ?

AJ Styles-2016 has been the year of great free agent acquisitions for WWE so far. With speculation of Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson coming next month, Nakamura reporting soon to NXT, Austin Aries making his debut on Friday, can the Phenominal One make his debut tonight. Last night was the Bullet Club version of the Curtain Call sending off AJ Styles last night. Hopefully he is a surprise entrant.

Jake the Snake Roberts-One of the greatest of all time. Saved by DDP, being inducted in the Hall of Fame, we love watching Legends make a return to the Royal Rumble. With the Resurrection of Jake the Snake documentary doing well on ITunes, I wouldn’t be surprised if he made an appearance.

Scott Hall-Another man saved by DDP, has gone through so much. Inducted into the Hall of Fame. Would love to see the man that Oozes Machismo just one more time in the Royal Rumble. Is he going to win, no. However, it will be a great pop and would be great to see him do the Razor’s Edge just one more time.

Josh Bredl-The Winner of Tough Enough 2015. Tons of heat for comments made about Social Outcasts on Twitter recently. Wouldn’t be surprised if he made an appearance in tonight’s Royal Rumble match. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some stuff shots from some of his colleagues as well for his Twitter comments. Be careful with what you post/write on social media.

Finn Balor-This is a stretch. Royal Rumble is in Orlando. NXT Performance Center is in Orlando. How much of a mark out moment would it be to see Balor & Styles in a WWE ring together. Especially if they work together. Speculator galore if Bullet Club has arrived in WWE. Or Not and as adversaries, speculate Bullet Club vs Balor Club. Crazay! 

Enjoy the event everyone ! Hopefully WWE learned from their mistakes in 2014 and in 2015 booking of Royal Rumble matchup. 

Lastly, if you are in the NYC area and want to watch the Royal Rumble with hundreds of Wrestling Fans. Head to Legends in NYC. Will be a great time!

Enjoy !

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