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* Dean Ambrose says he wants a Last Man Standing match against Kevin Owens at the Rumble, but Sheamus interrupts. They almost get into it but Owens comes out an accepts the challenge. Owens and Sheamus attack Ambrose, but Neville makes the save.

* The Dudley Boyz defeat Luke Harper and Eric Rowan in a tables match, in what is said to be underwhelming. Strowman attacks the Dudleyz, tossing Bubba Ray through two tables, and D-Von through another after the match.

* Jojo is talking to new US Champion Kalisto, who says much like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, he’ll thrive in the land of the giants.

* Social Outcasts are out to take on Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, Goldust and Damien Sandow. Dallas hits his finish on Ryder for the win but accidentally kicks Slater off the ring.

* Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio for the US title is next. Wade Barrett comes and joins Del Rio at ringside. Del Rio submits Kalisto to become new United States Champion, thanks to an assist from Barrett.


* Becky Lynch defeats Brie Bella via submission (Disarmor).

* Dean Ambrose & Neville vs. Kevin Owens & Sheamus ends in a no contest after both teams end up outside the ring going at it. After the match Ambrose and Neville hit their finishers on Owens.

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