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WWE Raw Results:

– The show opened with Roman Reigns interrupting Stephanie McMahon, Stephanie telling him to leave, Roman refusing, Roman finally leaving and Stephanie ordering him to “get back here.” When Roman refused that, too, she made The Usos vs. The New Day in a handicap match and Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose in a steel cage.

– Neville won the Slammy for Breakout Star of the Year. He was interrupted by Kevin Owens, who was upset that he didn’t win. Owens insulted the award’s presenter, Dolph Ziggler, and the two brawled.

1. Kane defeated Bray Wyatt. Kane won a short match by disqualification when they fought to the outside and the rest of the Wyatt Family interfered. Team ECW made the save, and a tag team match was set up during the commercial break.

2. The Wyatt Family defeated Team ECW (The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer) and Kane. Luke Harper pinned D-Von Dudley after a discus lariat.

– R-Truth won LOL Moment of the Year. Santino Marella presented and tried to accept the award on Truth’s behalf, but Truth showed up and chased him off.

– Paul Heyman presented the OMG Shocking Moment of the Year, which was won by Kalisto.

3. Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler. Owens pinned Ziggler after a pop-up powerbomb.

– Seth Rollins won the Slammy for Superstar of the Year. He promised to return in 2016 and take back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

4. Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger. Del Rio won with a Tree of Woe double-stomp. After the match, the League of Nations beat up Swagger.

– John Cena won the Hero In All Of Us award, given for charity work. Mark Henry accepted it for him.

– Bo Dallas (as “the real Santa Claus) presented the Surprise Return of the Year Slammy. Sting won, but wasn’t there. Bo accepted on his behalf.

5. Handicap Match: The Usos defeated The New Day. The Usos won with a rollup, in spite of New Day’s 3-on-2 advantage.

– R-Truth presented Diva of the Year. He announced Paige as the winner, but they did the Miss Universe joke and had Truth tell her she was actually the runner up. Nikki Bella was the actual winner.

6. Rusev defeated Neville. Rusev defeated the Breakout Star of the Year by submission with the Accolade.

– The Rock and Ronda Rousey won the “This Is Awesome” Slammy. The Miz accepted for them, and used the opportunity to shill Santa’s Little Helper.

7. Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella. Lynch won by submission with the Disarmer.

– Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell won Match of the Year. Ric Flair presented, Paul Heyman accepted. Heyman said Lesnar has no interest in accepting awards.

8. Steel Cage Match: Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus. Before the match, The League of Nations jumped The Usos backstage, and attacked Ambrose before the match started. The League repeatedly interfered until Roman Reigns showed up to even the odds, running them off and tossing a chair into the ring for Ambrose to use against Sheamus. Ambrose was then able to escape the cage and win the match. Afterwards, Reigns speared Sheamus.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon beat up Tom Phillips.

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