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Raw opened up with Kane on the phone with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, and they told him they would be late for Raw.  When asked if he could hold down the fort, Kane obviously answered yes.  With the phone hung up, he then said he and Seth Rollins would have a Lumberjack Match.

​1st Match – Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs The New Day (Kofi/Big E): New Day picked up the win when Kofi shoved Orton into a turned-around Ambrose and school-boyed Orton for the three count.

2nd Match – Nikki Bella vs Naomi: Brie Bella helped Nikki get the win when she stood on the announce table, and distracted Naomi by getting on the mic and chanting “We want Sasha!”  Banks threw her off the table, and Brie landed on the mat.  Nikki grabbed a still-distracted Naomi at that point and gave her the Rack Attack.

In an apparently new segment, Byron Saxton interviewed fans outside the arena by asking them whom they thought was the most unconventional superstar or diva. Paige just beat out Ambrose, and she was interviewed by Saxton in the back.  During the interview, Paige said thanks, but where was her recognition for the Divas Revolution?  She then searched Saxton, and took a PayDay bar from his inner coat pocket.

3rd Match – United States Championship Open Challenge, John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler: Cena won after giving Ziggler a second A.A.  This was a good match.

4th Match – The Ascension vs The Dudley Boyz: Squash match where poor Viktor took the 3D and was pinned to give the Dudleys the win.

5th Match – Neville and Cesaro vs King Barrett and Sheamus: To end the match, Barrett hit Neville with a Bull Hammer as he was draped across the second rope.  Sheamus simply pinned him after that.

6th Match – Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman: Reigns took the match when he Superman Punched Strowman on the outside and beat the 10-count into the ring.

7th Match – Rusev vs Ryback: In a bit of a squash match, Ryback Shellsocked Rusev for the three count.  Then, in a surprising move, WWE used real-life happenings to break up Rusev and Summer Rae.  The blonde beauty had the TMZ report of Rusev’s and Lana’s real-life engagement on the titantron, and she proceeded to insult him, and left the ring alone afterwards.

8th Match – Kalisto vs Kevin Owens: This one lasted longer than Rusev-Ryback if you can believe it, but only by a bit.  Quite entertaining despite its lenght.  Owens won with his Pop-Up Powerbomb.

9th Match – Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte: Team Bella won the match after a commentating Paige hit Natalya and distracted Charlotte, whom was then pinned by Fox.

Main Event – Lumberjack Match, Kane vs Seth Rollins: As is customary with these matches, a heels-vs-faces brawl broke up between the lumberjacks.  When the ring cleared out, Kane reversed a Pedigree attempt and gave Rollins the tombstone piledriver.  He then pinned the champ for the victory.

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