One thing is for sure, no mention of Hulk Hogan at all.

Rumor going around is that SummerSlam will be 4 hours.

It will be 2nd event after WrestleMania that would be 4 hours. If true, more wrestlers can get onto card or lengthens the amount of time during matches.

Another rumor is the insertion of Sting into the Ambrose/Reigns vs Wyatt/Harper feud. That would also mean someone has to become new member of Shield to make it work. Maybe Bo Dallas??

Divas Revolution should continue tonight with Becky Lynch, Paige, Charlotte, Sasha Banks? Bellas and Team BAD.

We should get a clear answer if Cena vs Rollins for World Heavyweight Championship will be official for SummerSlam.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro. I hope this match is official for SummerSlam and I hope it gets booked tonight.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus most likely will happen again at SummerSlam. At least make it a gimmick match.

I won’t be surprised if we get a UFC style promo from Brock Lesnar and Undertaker to space out appearances before SummerSlam.

I expect Prime Time Players Tag Team Title match for SummerSlam to be at least a Triple Threat or Fatal 4 Way match. I expect Ascension & Lucha Dragons or Matadores to get involved into this feud.

I hope Bad News Barrett returns and feud with R Truth is done. This way Barrett can re-focus on a more meaningful feud.

Ryback is clear from Staph Infection but Intercontinental Division is on halt or feels like it for now. Or it seems like it with Miz & Big Show holding it down.

However, Ryback returns tonight.

I expect Dolph Ziggler to get involved in feud again with Rusev. Maybe a return tonight? Maybe?

That should cover it.

Enjoy Raw.

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