Enjoying an extra day here in Las Vegas  after UFC Fight Week has come and gone.

Short Raw Preview before Battleground this Sunday.

Spoiler Alert: Sasha Banks and Charlotte are backstage at Raw in Atlanta, GA tonight.

I was right that they were backstage last week but weren’t used. However, I think they get used tonight.

New match made official.

Newly engaged Randy Orton will face Mr Money in the Bank Sheamus, one more time. The WWE Universe is tired of seeing them wrestle but it should be a great match this Sunday.

Seth jumped Brock before Tokyo Show. Brock destroyed car at hit someone with Cadillac car door last week at raw. Booking 101 tells me that Seth will obtain final edge tonight before Battleground Sunday.

Rumor for Brooklyn and SummerSlam is Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. That would mean Lesnar regains title Sunday.

This can also mean other rumored bout Seth Rollins vs Triple H. Both matches can easily be suitable for WrestleMania 32. However, if you really want SummerSlam to be taken seriously, I’d say pull the trigger and make the matches happen.

I expect Cena, Cesaro & Kevin Owens feud to continue. Josh Isenberg, Brian Gulish and Justin Labar brought up a good point this weekend.

Cesaro’s career has turned the corner last two weeks on Raw. It is important how can WWE capitalize on his success over the past two weeks.

I think Cena vs Owens rubber match will now occur this Sunday. SummerSlam will feature the Triple Threat match including Cesaro this time.

I thought the Triple Threat Match would have occurred this Sunday but after thinking about it after recording podcasts, I think 3 way will occur in Brooklyn at SummerSlam.

Ryback vs Miz vs Big Show Intercontinental Championship feud will continue.

New Day vs Prime Time Players will continue for WWE Tag Team Championship

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns will end up having Roman Reigns going over in order to set him up for WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch versus Brock Lesnar. Where does it leave Bray Wyatt as far as SummerSlam card? I am not sure. He is one of the best on the roster but I want to see more from him.

Dean Ambrose vs Bo Dallas.

Hopefully not again. The Modern Day Stone Cold Steve Austin has been dropped off the rankings after his slim loss at Money in the Bank to Seth Rollins. What is next for Dean? 

Lots of questions for Raw tonight.

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