We are two weeks away from Battleground. After recording some of the lowest ratings in the 22 year history of Monday Night Raw, look for Raw to bounce back.

Ratings were down and Vince and Co. Is not happy.  With Brock Lesnar expecting to attend, look for the Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar feud for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Battleground continue.

Also, Kevin Owens will look to address WWE Universe post his loss to Finn Ballor for the NXT Championship. It will somehow move along storyline for Cena vs Owens 3. However, I have this guy feeling Cesaro will be involved at least in Battleground title match.

Steve Austin is on cover or WWE2k16. I expect the WWE to involve this somehow in tonight’s program.

Ryback’s program with Big Show & The Miz will continue for the Intercontinental Championship at Battleground.

Prime Time Players storyline will move along with New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championship match at Battleground.

I expect a push for Ambrose or a minor hiatus following this week to promote 12 Rounds Part 3.

Neville will be Neville.

Dolph/Lana vs Rusev/Summer Rae storyline will continue.

Lastly, I expect a call up from NXT tonight to shake things up on the roster.

Speaking of NXT, next NXT Takeover special will take place 8/22 the night before SummerSlam at the Barclays Center as well.

Enjoy Raw,


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