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The Results

  • Randy Orton def. Kane via DQ

A great way to start the show off despite how much fans are growing tired of watching Kane in the ring. The match wasn’t long, but it did it’s job at setting the main event up for later.

  • Seth Rollins def. Adrian Neville via Pinfall

I was expecting this match to go in an entirely different way. Rollins did a great job of grounding Neville and making the match more of a display of how versatile Neville is, but I wasn’t expecting Neville to gain his first clean loss that fast. It makes sense considering he’s taking on the world champ. It wouldn’t help Rollins’ run with the belt if he loses to a new member of the roster. I just figured it wouldn’t end with a clean finish either way.

  • John Cena def. Stardust via Pinfall

John Cena’s open challenge angle…

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