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WWE Tag Team Championship

Fatal 4 Way

Cesaro/Kidd vs Matadores vs New Day vs USOs

Great way to open up WrestleMania at Levi’s Stadium. This match should have been on main card. Great sequences and spots. One of USOs was hurt so one of them had to fly solo the entire match. Cesaro and Kidd retain the WWE Tag Team Championship and that is a fact.

Rating 7/10

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Surprisedly this was better than expected. Of course in the beginning it is all punch and kick. You can’t do any moves in the ring. As wrestlers started to get eliminated you started to see some great moments. Cesaro teasing similar ending to last year. Entire New Day being eliminated by Big Show. AxelMania being eliminated by everyone.

I thought that if this battle Royal had any meaning, I thought that Mizdow or Ryback should have won. Great final 3 being Miz, Mizdow and Big Show. I actually thought it was booked better than Royal Rumble so sad. Big Show did not need to win but it was still a great match.

Rating 6/10


Intercontinental Championship

Ladder Match

R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, Stardust

Great opener. This replaced Money in the Bank. Great spots including Ambrose being powerbombed to outside (ouch). Dolph Ziggler with sleeper hold on Harper was cool as he was climbing. Harper doing the Terry Funk and spinning with Ladder.

Although I wanted Barrett to win to establish some type of reign, I didn’t mind Daniel Bryan winning the match. Without the World Heavyweight Championship not being around anymore, the Intercontinental Championship will once again become a focal point and be defended on Raw, Smackdown etc. It will setup the next man to fight for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Daniel Bryan knocks Dolph Ziggler off ladder and grabs Intercontinental Championship belt. New IC Champion.

Rating 7/10 

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton

Wow what can I say.

Orton is one of the best workers on the roster. Seth Rollins (besides Daniel Bryan) is one of the best and over wrestlers on the roster . What do you get? Tremendous chemistry.

Was it slow at times? Yes. However, Phoenix Splash, RKOs, Curbstomps and what an ending is the reason why this by far was match of the night. What is next for Orton? I hope he doesn’t get lost in shuffle. 

Orton wins with an amazing RKO outta nowhere.

Rating 9/10

Triple H vs Sting

14 years in the making.

Although I didn’t care about

WWE vs WCW. Some of the fans in attendance weren’t born for Monday Night Wars. However, it was great to still see Sting in a WWE ring. Great entrances and I don’t care if the IWC was hating on both entrances. They were awesome live. I did not mind the interferences from DX and NWO. WWE did a nice job for the casual fan watching and brining these stars back can hopefully turn casual fans into hardcore fans. I know it was no DQ but c’mon! You beat the Icon Sting with a sledgehammer?

If you want to build this superfight between Sting and Undertaker for WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, why have him lose? Do you know why Sting lost? I will tell you. It is to close chapter on WCW vs WWE and f’ WCW. Vince McMahon loves to bring everyone back to earth when they debut in WWE. Similar situation to Lesnar in 2012. Coming from UFC super over, the WWE guy (John Cena) won at Extreme Rules 2012.

Worst match of the night 

Rating 5/10

Kid Ink and Skylar Grey performing.

Didn’t care.

AJ Lee/Paige vs Bella Twins

In the beginning I thought oversold too much but I understand to get hot tag. Great false ending with Paige kicking out of rack attack. Paige also did a great somersault to Bellas off the apron. The place of this match was perfect because crowd was exhausted from Sting/Triple H and all of the interferences. Great submission victory by AJ Lee and Paige. Both got their WrestleMania moment.

Rating 6/10

How do you kill time at

WrestleMania by having 3 matches

left in 2 hours?

You have the authority come out.

They announce that 76, 976 in attendance and if it wasn’t for Steph and Triple H, it would be possible. Triple H mentioned how he owns everyone in the back and…The Rock comes out. What an ovation for the Rock. Stephanie says if it wasn’t for McMahons there would be no Samoan Dynasty (paraphrasing).

She says you wouldn’t hit a woman.

Steph goes get out of my ring. The Rock teases a departure but he goes to front row and gets UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey. 76, 976 are chanting Ronda Rousey!! Triple H pissed Rock off and he laid the smackdown on Triple H and Rouse judo throws Triple H.

Rousey then threatens an armbar twice but just lets Stephanie go.

What an amazing segment and some nice cross promotion for Fast 7 and for the UFC. Who says WWE and UFC can’t collaborate?

Rating 8/10

WWE United States Championship

Rusev vs John Cena

I love Rusev’s Russian entrance. It put him over as a monster heel. I didn’t care for John Cena entrance. his last 3 entrances at WrestleMania haven’t been good. Match was good and they did some things different.

John Cena did a springboard stunner. Rusev did a headbutt off the top rope. Cena escaped the camel clutch. Rusev escaped the STFU. After Rusev inadvertently hitting Lana off the apron an AA got Cena got the US Title at a WrestleMania for the first time since WrestleMania 20 in 2004.

Rating 7/10

Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker

There were rumors that Wyatt hurt his ankle during rehearsal so who knows if this match was even going to happen. It was ok slow pace. Undertaker looked gassed. That is what happens when you have only wrestled once match per year over the last few years. Some great false endings with Sister Abigail and Tombstone Piledriver. 

Great moment with Wyatt doing his crazy matrix thigh and Undertaker sit-up. I have to watch again but I thought this match was too slow for me. Can It be Undertaker’s age? Can it be Wyatt’s ankle injury? Can it be a combination of both? Nevertheless, I think Undertaker and Sting should fight in Dallas for WrestleMania 32. It should be a double career ending match. Undertaker should hang it up . He can be a trainer in NXT if it’s about the money. He will always have a role with WWE post retirement if he chooses. Undertaker wins with Tombstone Piledriver and goes 22-1.

Rating 6/10

WWE World Heavyweight Championship 

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

There are 4 types of wrestlers :

High Flyers




Lesnar does not care though . He is an ass kicker. I loved the F5 so early in the contest he set the tone and just whooped Roman Reign’s ass. 

Suplex City was trending Worldwide.

Both men were hitting each other with some stiff shots as some realism was involved in this one .

I know Lesnar was not supposed to bleed from his cheek early but it made the match much better .

It looked like a blade job to me when Lesnar’s head hit the ring post.

This reminded me of an old school attitude era match with all of the blood. I loved it . Great false endings with superman punches and spears . Also, great false endings with F5 after F5 and Reigns still kicked out.

I was on fence with Seth cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase but he did last night. When Lesnar countered Rollins with an F5, the world believed Lesnar would retain after re-signing with WWE Monday Night. Great ending with spear to Lesnar and Rollins curbstomping his old Shield friend into the ground for the 1-2-3 and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. I would have scored it higher if Reigns could have shown some more offense. Not just superman punch and spear.

Great short match and great swerve 

Rating 8.5/10

Is there a match that stands out on the level of Steamboat/Savage WM3 or Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels WM25? Probably not. Overall as an entire package or presentation, did WM31 deliver? I think so.

$12.6 million at the gate

Guess how much money Bay Area made by hosting WrestleMania?

WrestleMania 31 where does it land 

as far as greatest of all time?

Questionable calls such as Sting


Why Cena and Daniel Bryan won mid card titles?

Why battle royal bumped to pre-show for Skylar Grey and Kid Ink?

More this week about it on my podcast.

Hope you enjoyed article!


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