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What a match this would be. Two of the most irregular characters colliding at the biggest event on the WWE calendar. But the question remains, will this happen?

Bray Wyatt continues with his gripping promo’s, tempting for someone to “Come Find Him”. Obviously targeting The Undertaker, he continues to describe how they are from another world and don’t belong here. The only thing preventing this is the condition of The Deadman. He hasn’t been seen since his undefeated streak at WrestleMania was conquered by Brock Lesnar. This left fans in doubt of ever seeing Taker again, and that still may well be the case.

Now, if this feud goes ahead, it will be a treat for WWE fans. The spectacle of seeing The Undertaker again will be music to the ears of fans, even if its not against Sting. This however looks to be a possibility at next years WrestleMania…

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