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FaceMan Opines

Welcome WWE Universe to FaceMan Shoots Column on Royal Rumble Backlash: The Daniel Bryan Legion

FSC is my humble opinions on WWE Superstars (current or former).

VM RR 2015 3


In the wake of WWE’s 2015 Royal Rumble epic failure in realizing what is clear to the WWE Universe in terms of what and more importantly, who they wish to see be the “Guy/Man” or “Face” or more simply/honestly put: the “People’s Champ” of this era (last 10 years). Now, of course that is the Rock’s heritage, so to speak, but in contemporary times, Bryan IS the People’s Champ and rightfully so, which I will address at the end of the entry; the WWE Universe still pines wholeheartedly for him him to have his Reign as “Champ,” because of the Wrestler that he is, along with his engaging personality of humility and Universality, which is his Interconnectedness between himself and the WWE Universe…

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