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Back around the start of the new year, I posted a blog detailing the thin line WWE had to tread with Roman Reigns if they were planning to build him as the next central face of the company.

Well, needless to say, they did exactly what they shouldn’t have done.

First: They brought Daniel Bryan back before the Royal Rumble and spent the last few weeks making him look like as big of an underdog as ever. This made his fanbase (which, at this point, is pretty much the entire WWE Universe that shows up to events and makes noise) ravenous for a victory at the Royal Rumble.

Second: They had Daniel Bryan enter the Royal Rumble early, and leave early, with no real rhyme or reason.

Third: They had the other fan-favorites in the match (Ziggler and Ambrose, most notably) last until fairly far in, but not until the end. Ziggler…

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