Source: Joeyswrestling setup for sting/taker WM31?


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Fans:  Sting vs triple h at the royalrumble Live…. January 25th?  This is going to blow the roof of the wwe titan towers and the roof for those who are going to watch the rumble Live via pay per view basis.  This in my view is,

going to be a show staler!  No WWE fan would want to, miss this for the world.  This creating a buzz for the wwe fans today in my view.   Sting since last November has, created a stur Live in St Louis MO Live November 23rd at the Survivor series 2014.  So this to me fans, is a tell tale sign.

Like to see these WWE  ledgents get it on in the middle of the ring.  Make it happen WWE your the power, and the fans are the power too.  Lets say part 1 The Royal rumble they wrestled one another, that will give…

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  1. Nah, no way they pull the trigger on this one that early. Sting vs HHH will be at Wrestlemania. I would hope they do have some kind of confrontation to set the match up though, maybe Sting shows up and eliminates a few of the hand-picked authority guys like JJ security, Kane, etc….


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