Lyoto Machida defeated CB Dolloway fairly quickly in the first round via referee stoppage.

Renan Barao defeated Mitch Gagnon in great fashion. He won via arm triangle in the 3rd round . Gagnon started hot but got tired and Barao started countering with straight punches to the face. Beautiful takedown to set up arm triangle.

Eric Silva defeated Mike Rhodes via arm triangle as well in the first round. Rhodes came out blitzing but Silva was able to counter and eventually set up the finish.

Mike Rhodes did the right text book jiu-jitsu counter for the arm triangle but didn’t have the leg straighten all the way and it cost him the victory.

In other fights, Patrick Cummins extends his winning streak by defeating Antonio Carlos Junior aka Cara de Zapato (Shoeface).

Jiu-Jitsu can get you far in the world of MMA but unfortunately to survive, your game has to be well rounded.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 Brazil winner needs to work on his counters and standup game to survive in the UFC. He will be back I think.

Sourced from

For the rest of the results, please check out their site.

Recap show will be taped by tomorrow.


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