Following latest interview, 5 reasons for concern about CM Punk's UFC debut

Sourced from MMA Junkie, I mentioned all of these things after Wednesday’s Interview with Fox Sports 1 on Choked Out Radio Episode 29 yesterday.

1) Not sure of weight class.
CM Punk doesn’t know which weight he will fight out of. Heavyweight and Lightheavyweight is definitely out of the question. Most likely it will be Middle or Welterweight.

2) Not sure of training camp.
He does know if it will be Team Alpha Male, ATT, doesn’t know anything yet.
He should have definitely picked out a
training camp by now.

3) Doesn’t even qualify for ranking in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. CM Punk is what they called me in the gym when I trained a “weekend warrior”. He has trained on and off for a few years. CM Punk has not even obtained his Blue Belt yet. This is also a concern.

4) No sparring. CM Punk has done not sparring of any kind. Pads or no pads. In order to survive in the octagon, you need to simulate as much as you can, getting you ass kicked. Old saying of “Overtraining to underperform” once you get locked in the octagon. Even I did some light sparring, very light but at least I did it. CM Punk has a long road ahead.

5) No date set yet. This I did not speak about on my podcast but it would help if that date was August or September.
It would be something to strive for.
From now until then, I would work on striking, amateur wrestling, jiu-jitsu and defense (wrestling in jiu-jitsu).
Once you have all of those tools then carefully transition into sparring.
You have to get used to getting hit or
else you won’t survive.

Thank You,


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