Thank you Lords of Pain for this.
Renee Gracie is friends with Punk and was asked if he can do MMA.

He is athletic and gifted. CM Punk has not trained consistent enough to be promoted to blue belt, purple belt etc but Punk has progressed according to Rener Gracie.

In order for CM Punk to train for MMA, jiu jitsu is only one piece of the puzzle. There is striking, wrestling and maybe Judo he may have to take to be a well balanced MMA fighter before considering getting into the Octagon.

With Vince publicly apologizing, it will be interesting to see which path CM Punk takes Wrestling, MMA or just continue to be a Marvel writer and that’s it.

Since Thanksgiving not going to lie,
Punk has the wrestling world buzzing since his interview with Colt Cabana.

Stay tuned,


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