Rollins gets run out of set by Ambrose and Cena. Authority makes 3 on 2 handicapp match between Cena/Ambrose vs Kane/Rollins/Orton.

Star & Goldust, Cesaro vs USos and Dolph Ziggler

USos and Dolph Ziggler win

Promo for Susan Koman

Luke Harper Vignette

Bo Dallas defeats Mark Henry via count out

Ambrose promo. Pretty good
Great promo. Q train to Coney Island.

Brie defeated Summer Rae with one arm tied behind her back !

Jack Swagger defeated Tyson Kidd via Patriot Lock

Roman Reigns Promo

El Torito def Mini-Gator horrible match

Horrible Rusev promo until the Roooocckkk comes out, wow!!

What a segment !!
Best segment in 18 months.

Emma and AJ vs Alicia Fox and Paige

Paige and Alicia Fox def Emma and AJ Lee

Another Wyatt promo.

This one about Eric Rowan.

Sheamus vs Miz

Miz defeats Sheamus

Joan Lunden great segment.

Main Event time 3 on 1 handicapp match.

Cena defeats Kane, Rollins and Orton by DQ.

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